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Hong Kong Scalp Treatment @ Emmebi Italia Head Spa Hair Salon

Hair loss problems? Sensitive itchy scalp? Having oily hair even if you have just washed your hair the night before? Or cannot get rid of bad odour from sweaty scalp even after washing your hair (Hyperhidrosis)?

Italy’s 34 year old scalp care and hair care brand – Emmebi Italia has launched it’s first Hong Kong head spa to offer targeted scalp treatments and hair treatments to fix your hair and scalp problems. Using certified organic ingredients and working with hair trichologists, Emmebi Italia extensive R & D has created scalp treatments that have been widely used in professional hair salons in Europe.

To target the main scalp problems, client can choose treatment at our spa or use home after our professional scalp analysis using AI mirror.

 A. Hair Loss Treatment

- Want to stop hair loss and get healthier hair growth? Emmebi Italia Growth Factor range stimulates hair growth

 B. Dandruff Treatment

- Tried many anti dandruff over the counter shampoos but still cannot get rid of the itchy flaky skin? Seborrheic dermatitis (SD), or widely known as dandruff is a common scalp problem that some medical reports, might looks similar to other common skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema or even an allergic reaction.

C. Oily Scalp / Sebum Control Treatment

- With the change in weather, stress and also lack of hydration, the scalp releases more oil and develop greasy hair even though you wash your hair daily. Control and balance the oily scalp while not over-drying with our sebum hair shampoo and sebum scalp serum.

D. Sweaty Scalp / Hyperhidrosis Treatment

- Excessive sweating on the scalp, can lead to lead to bad odour on hair/head,  dandruff, itching, as well as make your scalp seem extremely shiny and oily.

E. Treated Hair / Chemical over-processed hair

- Bleaching, colouring, perming are frequently done, causing hair to be brittle and dry while causing stress on the scalp.

 F. Soothing / Itchy Scalp Treatment

- have itchy scalp, scalp acne, and even red patches on your scalp? Regulate scalp PH and moisture level to sooth your scalp

 G. Scalp Detox & Healthy Scalp Treatment

- detox your scalp and maintain a healthy scalp PH and moisture level with our daily use / frequent wash hair shampoo that is even delicate enough for young children

Our head spa offers:-

  1. 1. Private / cosy VIP treatment room
  • Lay down on our massage bed and sleep through our scalp deep cleansing, hair mask, head water jet spa, lymphatic deep sleep massage, and scalp serum application
  • lush towels and comfy spa wear, while you enjoy your quiet spa treatment in HK’s top shopping mall
  1. 2. Hands-on Manual Massage
  • Focusing on pressure points, the head spa therapist will melt away your stress and you can wake up to a refreshed start
  1. 3. Multi-Sensory ASMR Spa HK Experience
  • Visual, Audio, Olfactory (smell) , Tactile (touch) effects in our first of its kind ASMR Head Scalp Hair Spa treatment center in Hong Kong


Contact Emmebi Italia Hong Kong Head Spa at +852-56396818 today or visit to book your scalp treatment today. Quote this article to enjoy a free HK$188 Scalp Analysis at Emmebi Italia China HK City Tsim Sha Tsui.